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Table of Elements Installed at University of Cincinnati Medical Center – 2014

Documentation of the installation and of reactions to the work by people in the the hospital waiting room. Interviews by Melissa Godoy.

Table of Elements was specifically conceived and designed for use in a health care environment. The ideal situation for this work is in a hospital waiting room, Table of Elements attempts to shift the viewer’s experience away from the typical mode of watching a moving image and towards a way of observation more akin to the way in which we view a painting. I’m interested in creating a tension between the static and the dynamic. Initially the work may at times appear unchanging, although never static, and the piece, which at first may seem like it can be absorbed in a single glance, gradually reveals new dimensions of itself over time, or through repeated encounters. The work is exhibited as a diptych, with two synchronized video loops displayed on two adjacent monitors.




9 min





Exhibition History

University of Cincinnati Medical Center

Geographic Location

Cincinnati (Ohio)

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