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Lateral Thinking at Autumedia – 2012

I was commissioned by Andy Marko of Semantics Gallery in Cincinnati to create a live show as the concluding event for his annual Autumedia Festival. The space at Semantics was filled with other work in the show, so he approached Third Party, another artist run space down the street, to host the performance. I sent a general call out to friends at CCM looking for improvising musicians with the idea of forming a fairly large ensemble. I had a a number of responses and the musical group was ultimately made up of Regan Brown (Bass Clarinet), Dave McDonnell (Sax and Electronics), Carrie Magin (Percussion), Steve Weimer (Keyboard), and Zach Larabee (Drums). I also invited Loraine Wible, former student and previous collaborator, with Discerning Crane, to contribute a second stream of images. When we got to the space I decided to throw Loraine’s images obliquely across the long wall with mine in the center.




38 min






Regan Brown (bass, clarinet), Zach Larabee (percussion), Carrie Magin (percussion), Dave McDonnell (sax), Loraine Wible (images), Steve Wiemer (keyboards), Charles Woodman (images)

Exhibition History

Autumedia, Third Party Gallery

Geographic Location

Cincinnati, OH

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