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I Morti Installation Documentation (Weston Art Gallery) – 2002

This video combines documentation of the work as it was installed at the Weston Art Gallery in Cincinnati along with excerpts of some of the footage which makes up the whole. I was fascinated by the photos on gravestones in the Cemetery at San Minato in Florence, Italy. I began to think about the way in which a single image came to represent the entire lived experience of the person. Cinema as a whole also seems to be about representations of actions. I wondered about trying to film an experience directly lived as opposed to being represented. I Morti presents four streams of diary footage, images of daily life and travel. Collected over a 4 or 5 year period, these function as a counterpoint to the images of the dead on the fifth screen.




4 min





Exhibition History

Weston Art Gallery (Cincinnati, OH)

Geographic Location

Florence (Italy), Cincinnati (Ohio)

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