sythetic-zero-flyerThe next Synthetic Zero show, “Looking In/Looking Out”, will be Saturday November 2, 7-10pm, and Wednesday November 6, 6-9pm, and will be curated by Emily Roberts-Negron and Mitsu Hadeishi, at BronxArtSpace (only 20 mins from Union Square). The show includes performance, experimental video, music, and visual art.

Looking in: I look at you, but I see a mixture of me and you, a facade of our reflections. When we look in on someone or some thing, we imagine what we see doesn’t notice our gaze, yet the act of looking forever changes what we see as well as ourselves. Can we ever really be separate from what we see? Can we ever really touch what we see?

Looking out: A romantic gesture beyond ourselves. We look out at what appears to be a/the/our world, surrounding us in sequence. But its expanse is indefinite. How far can we see before the lines begin to blur?

Can we see without looking?


Thea Little, “Home Notes” – dance / performance – New York, NY (Sat only)
Charles Woodman and ensemble – audio/visual improvisation – Cincinnati, OH (Sat only)
Stefan Riebel – “THIS IS DEDICATED TO ALL THESE THINGS THAT CANNOT BE SEEN” – disappearing installation – Berlin, Germany

experimental video

Jisun Beak – “…difficult to get rid of” – New York, NY
Angeles Cassio – “Window Breath” – New York, NY
Charles Chadwick – “Post Oculus” – San Francisco, CA
Melissa Cowper-Smith – “Arkansas Landscape” – Morrilton, AR
Robert Derr – “Hunting the Wren” – Cincinnati, OH
Rebekkah Palov – “Portsmouth” – Hornell, NY
Ellen Wetmore – “Visiting Dora Marr” – Groton, MA

visual art

Angeles Cassio – photography / sculpture – New York, NY
Melissa Cowper-Smith – collage – Morrilton, AR
Aiyana Knauer – photographic documentation – New York, NY
Alisha Piercy – drawing – Montreal, QC
Daniel Terna – photography – Brooklyn, NY

Special guest gallery: Rodigallery by Elise Graham will be parked outside the exhibit, a mobile art gallery – New York, NY (Sat only)

DATE Nov 2
TIME 7 pm
305 E 140th St #1A
Bronx, NY 10454