Elate Memories in Lavagna, Italy

Elate Memories
CON – TEMPORARY Art Observatorium presents
Elate Memories

Friday, August 5th, 7pm
Villa Grimaldi
Parco del Cotonificio, Lavagna – Italy
Hours: from Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm – 10pm

We want to investigate the role that memory and remembrances have in being happy. Elate Memories is an exhortation to search serenity within ourselves, in our experience and knowledge. Our present condition is the result of our past, of all our life, of the best choices we could ever have made. To be here and now is, by itself indeed, the outcome of a past full of successes.

Daria Baiocchi ○ Anne-Cathrin Brenner ○ Claire Burke ○ Albino Caramazza ○ Elle Lily-Orthodoxia Christou ○ Benna Gaean Maris ○ Claudia Grimaldi ○ Darren Houser ○ Winnie Ks Hui ○ Caren Kinne ○ Mar Gu ○ Mary M. ○ Abramo ‘Tepes’ Montini ○ Jaakko Myyri ○ Sanchis ○ Guiliana Silvestrini ○ Elle Smith ○ Charles Woodman