Charles Woodman included in VideoFocus from STIGMART/10

Charles Woodman’s work is featured in the new issue of  VideoFocus from Stigmart/10, page 70


STIGMART/10 is pleased to announce the list of artists selected for our special VideoFocus Issue. More than 700 video works were submitted for this year’s edition. We thank you all for your interest in our review. Our primary responsibility has always been not only to explore the most significant trends in video art and experimental cinema but also to stress the rhizomatic nature of the flux in contempariness. Due to the advent of technologies like DSLR and microbudget cinecameras, in the last decade it came a true revolution in the video art field. The fusion of two worlds, video art and experimental cinema, shows the great potential of a new generation of video artists able to renew the cinematographic language itself from the inside. VIDEOFOCUS, will be a special Stigmart issue focused on video. Our aim is to create a net-review which will constitute a virtual space for video artists from all over the world.