Canto One

Canto One – 2017

This animation is created by Charles Woodman & Kim Anno. Woodman made the images and voice recordings Anno adapted Canto 1 from Dante’s Purgatorio, making the text secular, and she created the soundscape effects. Keisha Kemper and Michael Burham are the actor’s voices.

Goat Rock Beach

Goat Rock Beach – 2015

Filmed on a trip north during my 2015 residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Shot near where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Bird Rock

Bird Rock – 2015

Filmed at Headlands National Monument during my 2015 at the Headlands Center for the Arts residency, looking west at dusk.

Luce dal Cielo

Luce dal Cielo – 2015

Filmed at Headlands National Monument during my 2015 residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Late afternoon fog on the lagoon.


Phoenecia – 2015

A few views of water and trees from my month long stay in Phonecia, NY. This video utilizes an editing technique (a sort of continuous slow horizontal slide) that I conceptualized for more than a year. After several failed attempts I finally figured out how to make it work.


Wavelength 3.17 – 2015

The original material for this video was produced during a residency at Signal Culture in 2014 using three oscillators. The output of the first two was mixed by keying those images into portions of the output of a third. Subsequently, that footage was slowed down to about 10% of the original speed. During my stay Read more about Wavelength 3.17 – 2015[…]


Wiggle – 2015

Short loop produced at a Signal Culture artists residency in 2014. Made using the newly built, Nam Jun Paik designed, Wobulator. Produced by sending the output of the oscillator to the Paik Abe Wobulator, with the raster on that device collapsed. This image was then filmed off the screen. Wiggle was created in response to Read more about Wiggle – 2015[…]


Aspen – 2014

One of many attempts on my part to capture the magic motion of Aspen leaves, a fascination deeply embedded in memories of my childhood in Colorado. This footage was shot near Caibou, Colorado. The tape includes three different “episodes” which use a series image treatments and tricks, which further complicate the already complex motion of Read more about Aspen – 2014[…]

Dharma Pops

Dharma Pops – 2014

A meditation on the pleasures of observation. Image, music and text weave around each other in a multi-layerd dance. The images were built around the pre-existing soundtrack.

St Vrains Woods

St. Vrain’s Woods – 2013

Shot at the Ceran St. Vrain Trailhead and campground, near Jamestown, Colorado. St Vrain’s Woods was inspired by Seurat among others. An exploration of the elasticity of time, it is a moving picture made only of still images and the spaces between them. It is a portrait of a place and a moment.