Canto One

Canto One – 2017

This animation is created by Charles Woodman & Kim Anno. Woodman made the images and voice recordings Anno adapted Canto 1 from Dante’s Purgatorio, making the text secular, and she created the soundscape effects. Keisha Kemper and Michael Burham are the actor’s voices.

viDEO sAVant at EnsAD – 2016

In December 2016, Woodman was invited to teach a week long workshop at EnsAD ( Ecole nationale des Ars Decoratifs) in Paris. In the culminating event four different groups of students each performed a live sound and image mix. On the second half of the bill, he collaborated with a colleague from Oakland and three Paris Read more about viDEO sAVant at EnsAD – 2016[…]

Great Ring Road

Great Ring Road – 2015

Live audio visual improvisation with Phi 4 on 06/11/2015 at Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia, Italy.


Contusion – 2015

Documentation of an audio visual improvisation. Performed at Headlands Center for the Arts Spring 2015.


Wavelength 3.17 – 2015

The original material for this video was produced during a residency at Signal Culture in 2014 using three oscillators. The output of the first two was mixed by keying those images into portions of the output of a third. Subsequently, that footage was slowed down to about 10% of the original speed. During my stay Read more about Wavelength 3.17 – 2015[…]

Dharma Pops

Dharma Pops – 2014

A meditation on the pleasures of observation. Image, music and text weave around each other in a multi-layerd dance. The images were built around the pre-existing soundtrack.