Cowboy Romance

Cowboy Romance 92 Remix – 1992

A meditation/celebration of the Spaghetti Western and the pornography of violence. An homage to Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. Copies of scenes from the original films, rented on VHS, were edited into a compilation reel. That material was processed at ETC, where Scott Davenport also added the text layer. Several versions of that were edited Read more about Cowboy Romance 92 Remix – 1992[…]

Dance Tracks

Dance Tracks – 1992

Compilation of various short treatments of material featuring dancers and set to music. Primarily choreography by Brooke Kidd, Washington DC, Yee Jen Bao, Norman, OK and Judith Mikita, Cincinnati OH, all processed at the Experimental Television Center.


Drift (Demo) – 1992

A mostly formal exercise in composition and image processing, using footage of water. Probably the first in a ongoing series of works dealing with landscape, investigating the idea of video as a contemplative viewing experience akin to painting. Filmed in California and Mexico, Developed over the course of two visits to ETC, Final editing at Read more about Drift (Demo) – 1992[…]

Secret Laboratory – 1992

Mixed and performed live at the Experimental Television Center in 1992 with a special appearance by Vanna White. Audio by Dub Syndicate “Tunes From the Missing Channel.”