Poison Acid Mix

Poison (Acid Mix) – 1991

A meditation on pollution. Based on treatments of footage I produced and shot for the Los Alamos National Labs on the subject of Radioactive Waste Water Treatment.

National Sport

National Sport – 1991

My reaction to the Gulf War and the continuing transformation of war coverage into media spectacle. Edited at PPG and an early exploration of the Ampex ADO-1000 Digital Video Effects unit.

Under the Bridge – 1991

5 minute demo of 60 minute piece Produced almost entirely at Experimental Television Center (ETC), the video uses a simple animation of a rotating rectangle (produced in Deluxe Paint on the Amiga Computer) as a stencil into which are keyed various versions of a processed live image of the river outside the window at ETC. Read more about Under the Bridge – 1991[…]

Betty Woodman: Thinking Out Loud – 1991

Filmed on VHS, mastered on Betacam SP at Public Production Group, Washington DC. Ceramic artist Betty Woodman demonstrates her technique of ceramic art, discusses her background and talks with critic, curator and painter John Perreault about her work.