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New Arts Collaboration

Words – 2022

Created as part of the New Arts Collaboration Belinda Reynolds – ComposerLuo Ting – Pianist & PoetryCharles Woodman – Images WORDS is a multimedia piano… Read More »Words – 2022

virtual audio/visual playground

viDEO sAVant with duo B @ 12 – 2021

viDEO sAVant with duo B @ 12, a virtual audio/visual playground, SEAMUS, Stanford CA Jason Levis – Drums/PercussionLisa Mezzacappa – Double BassCharles Woodman – Images

Atomic B – 2020

Live audio visual improvisation with duo B.

Shudderings of Images Awakening – 2017

Commissioned by the Mini Micro Cinema for the 2017 Cincinnati Fringe Festival – a response to a prompt they provided, “Shudderings of Images Awakening.”