May 6, 2016

Video Art – Single Channel

Drifting Checks – 2019

Canto One

Canto One – 2017

This animation is created by Charles Woodman & Kim Anno. Woodman made the images and voice recordings Anno adapted Canto 1 from Dante’s Purgatorio, making the text secular, and she created the soundscape effects. Keisha Kemper and Michael Burham are the actor’s voices.

Pulse Generator Pastry

Pulse Generator Pastry – 2016

Pulse Generator Pastry is my first collaboration with my mother, the ceramic artist Betty Woodman. Betty created the shapes which contain the patterns in the video, based on the forms she uses in her work. I used those shapes as stencils into which both the positive and negative spaces were filled with textures, created using Read more about Pulse Generator Pastry – 2016[…]

Goat Rock Beach

Goat Rock Beach – 2015

Filmed on a trip north during my 2015 residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Shot near where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean.

Bird Rock

Bird Rock – 2015

Filmed at Headlands National Monument during my 2015 at the Headlands Center for the Arts residency, looking west at dusk.

Luce dal Cielo

Luce dal Cielo – 2015

Filmed at Headlands National Monument during my 2015 residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts. Late afternoon fog on the lagoon.

Owego Wheatgrass Wiper

Owego Wheatgrass Wiper – 2015

Shot from the village park along the river during my first residency at Signal Culture (Owego, NY).


Phoenecia – 2015

A few views of water and trees from my month long stay in Phonecia, NY. This video utilizes an editing technique (a sort of continuous slow horizontal slide) that I conceptualized for more than a year. After several failed attempts I finally figured out how to make it work.

Roman Spa

Roman Spa – 2015

Filmed at the hot springs resort of the same name in Calistoga, CA.


Wavelength 3.17 – 2015

The original material for this video was produced during a residency at Signal Culture in 2014 using three oscillators. The output of the first two was mixed by keying those images into portions of the output of a third. Subsequently, that footage was slowed down to about 10% of the original speed. During my stay Read more about Wavelength 3.17 – 2015[…]


Wiggle – 2015

Short loop produced at a Signal Culture artists residency in 2014. Made using the newly built, Nam Jun Paik designed, Wobulator. Produced by sending the output of the oscillator to the Paik Abe Wobulator, with the raster on that device collapsed. This image was then filmed off the screen. Wiggle was created in response to Read more about Wiggle – 2015[…]


Aspen – 2014

One of many attempts on my part to capture the magic motion of Aspen leaves, a fascination deeply embedded in memories of my childhood in Colorado. This footage was shot near Caibou, Colorado. The tape includes three different “episodes” which use a series image treatments and tricks, which further complicate the already complex motion of Read more about Aspen – 2014[…]

Dharma Pops

Dharma Pops – 2014

A meditation on the pleasures of observation. Image, music and text weave around each other in a multi-layerd dance. The images were built around the pre-existing soundtrack.

Wavelength 4

Wavelength 4 Lightgeist – 2014

A cameraless video, made by mixing analog waveforms, with some additional digital processing.

St Vrains Woods

St. Vrain’s Woods – 2013

Shot at the Ceran St. Vrain Trailhead and campground, near Jamestown, Colorado. St Vrain’s Woods was inspired by Seurat among others. An exploration of the elasticity of time, it is a moving picture made only of still images and the spaces between them. It is a portrait of a place and a moment.


Danny – 2013

Produced for Yoni Wolf and Why? Animation by Alex Woodman

Megurs Ehd Ffleweh

Megurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst – 2012

An ecstatic chant to the rising of the sun. Sound and image are juxtaposed and find moments of synchronicity, while remaining parallel and separate. Time rushes forward slowly. Narrative is all and nothing. Left over material from Bloom was adjusted to accompany Chris Bailey’s music.

Snow Mountain Ranch

Snow Mountain Ranch – 2012

Shot from the patio of my hotel room at this YMCA Resort, located just down the road from Camp Chief Ouray in Granby, Colorado, where I spent two summers as a boy. The video began as a single continuous take. We are witness to two unfolding narratives, happening at very different scales, both the movements Read more about Snow Mountain Ranch – 2012[…]

Spiders Mix

Spiders Wheels (Shrimp Mix) – 2012

Video edited to match the music by guitarist/composer Val Opielski. Intended to act as a demo for a proposed appearance as performing duo.

Sofferte onde serene… – 2011

Music Luigi Nono …sofferte onde serene… 1976, for piano and tape. Produced for Collide-o-Scope Music on the occasion of our performance at Atlas Performing Arts Center, Washington, DC in 2011.

Echoes of Amber

Echoes of Amber – 2011

The image is of the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, and the video was shot on a Mattel Videster toy camera.


Bloom – 2011

Video installation for wall mounted LCD display.

Exquisite Corpse

Exquisite Corpse – 2011

Contribution to the Exquisite Video Corpse project. The first 8 seconds are the video I was given as a departure point, the remainder is my contribution to the chain. The final 10 seconds were given to the next contributor.

Arvo's Clouds

Arvo’s Clouds – 2010

Commissioned by the Concert Nova chamber music group in Cincinnati. I created this image to accompany a performance of Fratres by Arvo Part. The recoding used on this version is by Kronos Quartet.

Pi Squared

Pi Squared – 2009

Created to accompany a composition by Christopher Bailey, HK2. All the images are appropriated from the film Pi by Darren Aronofsky.


Heaven – 2009

The images for Heaven were produced at the Experimental TV Center. Nicholas Economos and I shared part of the residency and he helped me develop this complex patch using both the Jones Frame Buffer and Jones Keyer with a slow oscillator varying the amount of “trails” we see at any one time.

Vox Baleanae

Vox Baleanae – 2009

I was commissioned by Concert Nova to produce this viual accompaniment to the score by George Crumb. Images were shot at the Monterey Aquarium.


Burner – 2007

These images were created to accompany the music track by Odd Nosdam, with whom I had done a few live shows that year in San Francisco and one a few years earlier at VOLK in Cincinnati. I admire the distorted and gritty feel of the track and developed an image treatment which worked well with Read more about Burner – 2007[…]

Blue Bebop

Blue Bebop – 2003

A rough cut of work in progress

ETC Dance Highlights – 2003

Some highlights of various dance footage processed at the Experimental Television Center in the preceding years.

Candle Dancer – 2003

Installed at Ohio River Grasses, Cincinnati, OH, and Autumedia, Cincinnati, OH


Palimpsest – 2002

The term “palimpsest” refers to a text which has been written upon two or three times, but whose lines have been imperfectly erased, so that different layers of all the texts are visible and mix together.

Plunder Squad

Plunder Squad – 1996

A collection of images and sounds from television cop shows is interwoven with texts (selected by Scott Davenport) taken from pulp detective stories, the literary predecessor of the same genre.


Quique (Pais, Country) – 1996

Collaboration with Poet/Performer Enrique Aviles. This video has its origins as a part of the “video set” for a performance by Aviles, directed by Davis Chung. In the theatrical piece Aviles played the roles of two immigrants to the US (one Mexican and one Korean) who live on opposite sides of a rooming house in Read more about Quique (Pais, Country) – 1996[…]

Mixed Fish with Clouds – 1994

This is an early installation video shown at a gallery at Millersville University and projected onto the ceiling. All footage is original.

The Sporting Life – 1993

Made as part of viDEO sAVant’s series of ambient videos for nightclubs, distributed by Telegenics.

Personal Jesus – 1993

The image was filmed off a decorative plate with a live camera which was being processed dimming, and then coming to brightness then back again. It looks like the hue was off too, giving Jesus a green tint. Produced during a residency at the Experimental TV Center.

Cowboy Romance

Cowboy Romance 92 Remix – 1992

A meditation/celebration of the Spaghetti Western and the pornography of violence. An homage to Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone. Copies of scenes from the original films, rented on VHS, were edited into a compilation reel. That material was processed at ETC, where Scott Davenport also added the text layer. Several versions of that were edited Read more about Cowboy Romance 92 Remix – 1992[…]

Dance Tracks

Dance Tracks – 1992

Compilation of various short treatments of material featuring dancers and set to music. Primarily choreography by Brooke Kidd, Washington DC, Yee Jen Bao, Norman, OK and Judith Mikita, Cincinnati OH, all processed at the Experimental Television Center.


Drift (Demo) – 1992

A mostly formal exercise in composition and image processing, using footage of water. Probably the first in a ongoing series of works dealing with landscape, investigating the idea of video as a contemplative viewing experience akin to painting. Filmed in California and Mexico, Developed over the course of two visits to ETC, Final editing at Read more about Drift (Demo) – 1992[…]

Secret Laboratory – 1992

Mixed and performed live at the Experimental Television Center in 1992 with a special appearance by Vanna White. Audio by Dub Syndicate “Tunes From the Missing Channel.”

Poison Acid Mix

Poison (Acid Mix) – 1991

A meditation on pollution. Based on treatments of footage I produced and shot for the Los Alamos National Labs on the subject of Radioactive Waste Water Treatment.

National Sport

National Sport – 1991

My reaction to the Gulf War and the continuing transformation of war coverage into media spectacle. Edited at PPG and an early exploration of the Ampex ADO-1000 Digital Video Effects unit.

Lota' Burger

Lota’ Burger – 1988

An early experiment with time based correction and the ability to mix two tapes together, as well as one of the few projects in which I worked with an online editor who operated the controls at my direction. This tape features two versions of the same image (shot in Santa Fe) slightly staggered in time Read more about Lota’ Burger – 1988[…]

San Mateo Drive

San Mateo Drive – 1988

Companion/sequal to Lota’ Burger and produced a few days later, under the same circumstances. This tape uses a similar methodology, this time with a moving camera, shot from a car, and a more complex series of overlapping wipes.

Partida – 1985

Produced on ¾” tape at Center for Contemporary Art, Santa Fe; features music by the Memluks, a band from Norman, OK, and appearances by my friend Willy.

Pumpkin Heart – 1983

Performance by Carl Stewart. Carl wears a suit made of Camel packs, all of which he smoked. Filmed in the garden at his house in Rye, NY, wearing a pumpkin head which he grew. Inspired by Marlon Brando’s portrayal of the death of Vito Corleone. Dearly loved by me, this video exists somewhere outside of Read more about Pumpkin Heart – 1983[…]