Pulse Generator Pastry at Salon 94 in NY

Pulse Generator Pastry was show in the storefont window at Salon 94 Gallery in New York in Spring 2016, during the show of Betty Woodman, my mother. It was my first collaboration with my mother, the ceramic artist Betty Woodman. Betty created the shapes which contain the patterns in the video, based on the forms she Read more about Pulse Generator Pastry at Salon 94 in NY[…]


The next Synthetic Zero show, “Looking In/Looking Out”, will be Saturday November 2, 7-10pm, and Wednesday November 6, 6-9pm, and will be curated by Emily Roberts-Negron and Mitsu Hadeishi, at BronxArtSpace (only 20 mins from Union Square). The show includes performance, experimental video, music, and visual art. Looking in: I look at you, but I Read more about LIVE PERFORMANCE AT BronxArtSpace[…]

Live Performance at Other Cinema

Launching Incite’s new issue on alt.exhibition, OC enacts the theme with an aggressive Live Cinema show!! Deploying a free-hanging screen, Alva & Dyemark’s double-projector As Big as a House rhapsodizes on sports, while Tommy Becker vocalizes to Songs for the Lemonsand for Disobedient Youth, with audience participation! Cincinnati’s Charlie (viDEO sAVant) Woodman pic-mixes his Drowned World in concert with the ambient-jazz Geishafold. Shalo P unveils The Spy, a neo-psychedelic electronic collage, while Sam (Dumptruck) Manera hunkers down on a home-made knot Read more about Live Performance at Other Cinema[…]

One Person Show at the Weston Art Gallery

Charles Woodman: Passages Charles Woodman (Cincinnati, OH) creates multi-image video installations drawn from images and observations of nature. In a fast-paced world oversaturated with electronic stimulation, his contemplative videos provide a poetic and meditative experience for the viewer. Passages features Woodman’s newest series of video installations and a performance component. March 28 – June 8, 2014 Weston Read more about One Person Show at the Weston Art Gallery[…]